Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Safest Place To Be

We can run, but we can't hide. It doesn't matter where we live or what we do, the energy of Divine Source is penetrating everywhere, realigning Creation and removing the lower frequencies out from this planet. It is acting upon every single atom in our body and it may create discomfort or even sickness in ourselves if it finds "traces" or "pockets" of low frequencies energies such as fear, anger, resentment or desperation inside of our self.
The degree of suffering that we may experience will depend on how deep these different types of fears are rooted in our Soul. There is no way that any fear will remain after Divine Energy has reached its peak, it's like betting on darkness surviving the rays of the Sun; thus, it's evident that the wisest thing to do is to eliminate any trace of fear in our Soul as soon as possible, if we are looking forward to Ascend to the New World.
And it's precisely at this point where most of us get stucked. How do we get rid of fears in our lives? The fear of not being worthy, the fear of not being loved, the fear of losing health or wealth, the conviction that there are threats around us, etc. No matter how hard our Heart wants to believe that "there is nothing to fear" or that "all is as it should be", our mind always find something that contradicts these premises, and we end up believing our mind, not our Heart. Why? Simply because we know no other way to live, we were TAUGHT and DIRECTED to do so since our early days in the cradle for purposes not aligned with Divine Plan. Now it's time to learn a new way to live, BEFORE the Great Event happens.
How? HOW?! In my experience, there is NO WAY to trascend fear in our lives using our mind, it is the wrong "tool". We need to by-pass the mind as much as we can, every second of our lives, if possible. How can we do that? INTEND TO BE AND TO STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW. Ego (our installed mind) cannot possibly operate in the Here and Now. That's why many of the tricks that ego plays are based on past and future scenarios, illusions where lies may be constructed and fears may be created.
To be and to stay in the Now was almost impossible a few decades ago. The arrival of Divine Energy is making now possible to achieve it. Society is resisting its death, and its designers are playing out all their Aces, trying to generate the maximum fear to the maximum amount of people to stay in control of everyone and everything. The escape route is the Now.
At first, to be fully alive in the Now is a very difficult task, but that is only because we have been drained out of energy in a systematic manner and our energy level is usually very low. When we start this practice, we may actually feel a VEIL blocking us the full perception of the Now. That is temporary and it's fine, we only need a few SECONDS a day to start gaining back our Energy, because the Here and Now is where Divine Energy resides and it charges up our Spirit, and fears start vanishing off our Soul while our ego recedes and our Heart steps forward as the new Leader in our Lives.
If we stay in the Now, nothing can touch us, nothing can harm us, nobody can control us. The Now is the Safest Place to Be, discover it for yourself.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Great Event

In this twisted version of reality that we call Society, Christmas has not escaped to the corruption of its true meaning and message. We all know how materialism has overcome the spiritual aspect of Christmas but putting that aside, even the organized Religions have missed the True Essence of Christmas. We may read in the Bible a lovely story about how things went bad for Joseph and Mary, who asked for a place to stay and to give birth to baby Jesus and how they were rejected by people who were either too busy or too concerned with their own problems to listen to them. The part of the story that is mostly highlighted is how our Saviour chose to born in poverty to give us -that's what the rulers say- a great lesson of humbleness.
I believe this Divine Event -as EVERYTHING else that Jesus did or said during His Life- has a much greater meaning. It actually gives us a very clear map and explanation on how the Holy Spirit works on Earth and on how we can allow the Christ Consciousness to be born in our Souls. To be able to understand this, we must ignore the material circumnstances of the story and try to recreate with our Hearts the feelings and emotions of the event.
We are Joseph and Mary and we are trying to carry out our earthly responsibilities, but we also know that something really great is about to happen, so we stay calm with a certain degree of expectancy. We notice the difference of our inner state when we see other people screaming and demanding a place to stay as the night falls down and it surprises us a little to see such behavior. Little children are crying and screaming while adults lose their temper and try to bribe the innkeeper to get the best place. If they fail, they silently blame God or their government for not providing them what they think they deserve. We understand what they're going through, but we can not share their feelings, because we KNOW that Holy Spirit is aligning the Peace and Joy in our spirit with the corresponding circumstances. As a matter of fact, we KNOW that Holy Spirit is also very active aligning the desperation -the fear of not having- of the angry people with the proper circumstances, so they are staying in noisy and cold rooms, trying to sleep on hard beds with almost no blankets.
We just keep walking, gently asking some people to allow us to stay on any place to receive baby Jesus. When they tell us "no", we just keep walking as a growing sense of Peace in our Hearts clearly tells us that we are closer to our destiny. We turn to see each other's face and we both are wearing that wonderful smile, the smile of the one who KNOWS that he will never be abandoned. Finally, a fine gentleman takes us to the stable, and as soon as we enter, we feel the perfection of the place: warm, quiet, at peace... there is a stack of soft straw that provides comfort beyond words... the reflection of the oil lamp on the animals' eyes soothes our Souls even more and the warmth that these beautiful animals provide is just perfect. We deeply thank God for the Glory that we perceive all around us and then baby Jesus arrives.... the stable is then filled with the most exquisite Gold Light and we let our Spirits merge with it. It's the Kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth!....
The birth of JesusChrist is a map for Ascension. It shows the necessary steps: to let go of Ego, to Surrender and to have Faith beyond the material circumstances, to release any fear or desire from our mind or heart, and to make our Soul an "stable" full of Peace and Love. That is what the Christ Consciousness needs on our side to descend and to stay in our Souls, as baby Jesus did that Divine Night on Earth.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The dying ego

It took me some time to start this post. I really don't feel comfortable discussing ego's ways, it's like a slave being asked to talk about his captors after being freed; all he wants to do is to enjoy his freedom and don't look back, right? Yet, I think it's important to share what I know about the current situation of the ego.
Ego is the device by which we have been kept divided and controlled, it's not an energy, it is more like a program installed and maintained in our mind, a program that intends to give a specific direction to our thoughts, emotions and actions. The ultimate goal of the ego is to keep us permanently drained out of energy, easy to control and unable to connect with our Divine Source, not even with our human Brothers and Sisters. This control is so strong and well designed that it could last until Eternity, unless something extraordinary happens... and it's happening.
Right now, ego is being ripped apart by the force of Divine Energy coming from the center of our Galaxy and it's dying... this should be one of the greatest news of all times: FREEDOM at last but... people are suffering and dying with it, because most people think they ARE the ego. It was very early on our lives when Divine Essence was blocked by ego and most of us can't remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. Ego made us think we were something else, and now that this "impersonation" is being terminated, we feel confused and at loss about what is going on and about the future. Not only ego itself is dying, all the institutions that maintained ego are crumbling and falling apart.
HOW CAN WE AVOID FALLING DOWN WITH EGO AND WITH THE DYING SYSTEMS? There is a way out: STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW, AND SURRENDER. The force of Divine Energy is performing a purification as never before experienced, but it operates ONLY in the NOW. Staying in the Now is a very difficult task when we start the process. I'll explain why on my next post. SURRENDER, dear friends, SURRENDER AND TRUST THE PROCESS....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of Times II

On my last post, I used the metaphor of the acid rain falling over our Souls to explain that these final times will have a different impact on us, depending on the condition of our Soul. Now I say that it is important to understand -and to accept- that our Divine Essence, our True Self, is all "crystal-made", and this is so for all of us. So, in theory there should be no reason to be afraid of this "rain", this wondrous Energy currently present among us, because it can't do any harm and it will eventually purify us and allow us to enter the New World unharmed.
However, there is something else "installed" in all of us in different degrees. It is "metal-made" and it's the reason why most people are having a hard time today, whether is on difficult relationships, tough job situations, scarcity issues, mental distress or depression for no particular reason, health problems, etc. This "metal-made" aspect of us is the ego. Before this generates a controversy because there are different definitions of ego, I will clarify that for this blog's purpose, ego is the personality that Society designed and installed in us to make us live and die for someone else's purposes and benefits. It's a complete system of beliefs that determines our thoughts, decisions and deeds during our lives. If it weren't for its devilish purposes, I'd say that ego is a beauty in terms of its design and effectiveness, but it's really nothing compared to the Power of the Rays of Light from Divine Source. It is just like darkness, it doesn't stand on its own power, it exists only because the power of light is absent.
There is nothing more important in these days than to understand, embrace and let go of ego. I know there is a lot of stuff going on that seems to be more important, like Climate change, New World Order, impending wars, financial crisis, but all these are just the result of our collective Inner State. If we don't focus our Energy on purifying our Spirit and on connecting with our own Divine Essence, we will miss the Great Liberation that is being offered by the Energies that are currently flooding this planet.
This is what I had to say about the End of Times. It is about our Freedom, about the Return to Paradise, about the completion of the Divine Plan that was interrupted thousands of years ago. I'll insert here a short comment: I sincerely believe that ET's presence among us on these final days is not because they will soon present a show to delight our senses. I believe they are here to be delighted by us, to watch our show. To witness a human Soul reconnecting to his own Divine Essence and become Complete again beats -by far- the sighting of any vessel on the sky. I believe we are performing the "Best Show on the Universe" today.
Back on track, since ego is the only thing that stands in our way to Freedom, I will use my next postings to share with you what I know about "the ways of the ego". Peace in your Hearts...

End of Times

I know... I said this blog wouldn't discuss this, but I have to share something. If you look anywhere, more and more people, specially the ones involved in spiritual, paranormal or metaphysical themes talk about the possibility (or certainty) of something "big" happening soon. Here is my belief about this.
It will happen. Divine Source has a way to realign Its Creation, a sort of "reset" event that brings EVERYTHING back to perfect alignment with Divine Plan. The center of our Galaxy (actually of any Galaxy)emanates -on a very specific direction- a sort of "bundle" of Rays made out of the Highest possible Frequencies. I personally believe these Rays actually connect the Center of our Galaxy with the Center of this Universe, but that's off the record.
Our whole Solar System including our planet is now passing through this bundle right now, we started maybe 20 years ago and we are now entering the "core" of the bundle, so we may expect an increase of these Rays until a "peak" is reached around December 21, 2012. Now, this doesn't mean that THE EVENT will happen that day. This is like our yearly seasons, even though December 21 is the day when we have the shortest day and the less sun rays in the Northern Hemisphere, it's usually not the coldest day of the year, that happens later in the winter. Same thing with summertime, the longest day -with more sunshine- is June 21, but the hottest day, the effect, comes later.
The wondrous Energy contained in the Rays is made out of the purest Love frequency and its main expressions are Truth, Peace and Joy. It would appear that this is "good" for everyone to receive but it is not so. It depends on where your Heart resides. I like to compare this event with an acid rain falling on our souls. If my soul is made out of metal, it will hurt and it will have the potential to destroy me. In this case, we would say that the rain is a negative event, we could call it a curse or a punishment and move into a place of Fear. If my soul is made out of crystal, it will clean it and purify it. We may say then that is a positive event, call it a blessing and achieve a state of Peace and Joy. Divine Energy is not a blessing or a curse, it just IS and its impact on us will depend solely on the condition of our Soul. I'll continue later.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank you

I never thought I would ever create a Blog, but here I am... First of all, I'd like to thank the people on Blosssom Goodchild's space that in some way encouraged me to do it. Thank you Blossom to allow me to share my beliefs on your space, you are very welcome to share yours on this one.
In case somebody didn't read the description of the Blog, this one is not about extraordinary events, UFO's, ET's or Higher Energies. It is neither about Illuminati, New World Order or conspiracy theories. It is not about End-Of-Times scenarios, either glorious or disastrous. All these themes are very exciting and mind-blowing, and while we may discuss shortly some of them here, there are already several sites that cover these in an excellent way.
This Blog is simply about us, human beings on the verge of being transformed by the Grace of Divine Source. It is about the nature of the "blocks" that we constantly find in our way to Freedom. It is about what is preventing us to achieve Peace and Joy in our lives.
It may happen that some things that will be presented here will confuse or even upset somebody. Feel free to send your comments, all of them will be welcomed and published if proper language and expressions are used, that's a promise. Please be patient while I learn to use this wonderful tool to get in touch with you. Peace in your Hearts...