Monday, December 27, 2010

A Theory

If you have followed my posts in this blog, you may know that I frequently encourage everyone to shut off their minds and start using their Hearts to lead their lives. This comes more from a feeling than a reason, but my original mind – not my “installed” mind- has lately been playing out with an interesting concept that may justify and validate my request.
We all know now that there is something going on with the electromagnetic field of the planet. In general, it is diminishing and that has caused dolphins and whales to end up stranded on beaches or swim into strange places like the Thames River. There are prophecies that are now starting to be supported by scientists that the magnetic field of Earth will soon be gone for a short period and then it will come back causing a Pole shift and -I would add- a change in Global Consciousness.
I have been thinking: what if the magnetic grid is the “screen” where we project our collective energy, where "reality" is being played out? We know that many devices use magnetic force to tape or store information and I believe this huge grid called “magnetic field” serves to reflect physically what we are creating inside of us with our beliefs and thoughts. What would happen with our “REALITY” when this screen changes or disappear? I believe whatever happens, any scenario under these circumstances is going to blow up our minds, LITERALLY.
I believe there will come a time –very, very soon- when the magnetic grid comes to a minimum or even disappears. In my personal opinion, this will happen before the alignment of the Center of our Galaxy with our Sun and our planet; this is, before December 2012. I also believe that when this time comes, we won’t be able to think or to process our thoughts as we are doing now. I even think we won’t be able to recall our names or fully recognize our own relatives. If we rely only in our minds, then we will probably experience sheer panic.
The only way we can stay safe and unharmed through that time will be to tune into our Hearts. That is why it is imperative to start doing it RIGHT NOW, to get familiar with our Heart’s voice and to rely less and less in our minds. On those days, our Heart will guide us filling us with Love and Faith while our mind will be useless, immersed in chaos. Our mind will yell that we are doomed and will die, while our Hearts will assure us that we are perfectly OK and that we have finally arrived to our destination….the New Earth… Amen….

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Radical Statement

After a long time of struggling with feelings of frustration and despair about nothing REALLY changing in my life, I have come to the understanding that it’s not enough to let go of the low (dark) thoughts and emotions. It’s neither enough to detach us from possessions. I found out that it is also necessary to detach us from our own hopes and expectations.
This may sound radical, but our Freedom cannot arrive if we are clinging to anything, as noble or elevated it may seem. Hope and expectations are for the future, and future doesn’t exist. I see now that “hope” always involve some degree of fear about the future, a wish we hold in our hearts when we feel that chances are that the result won’t be good. This is why “hope” turns easily into frustration as the scenario we expected doesn’t materialize, because hope is born out of a very subtle -yet very real- fear.
Let’s expect nothing, let’s not “hope” for something to happen. In my case, it is precisely when I completely surrender, when I convince myself that I am completely hopeless with no “future” and no possibility to succeed no matter how hard I try, it is then that my Spirit is filled with a different Energy and then Truth, Peace and Joy follows.
Hope is one of the last resources of ego to maintain us controlled. Truth dissolves ego.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warriors of Light

I'd like to express here a few words of caution to the people that have adopted this term to define "who-they-are". "Warriors of Light" is a very serious concept, it's an extremely difficult role to play in these final times and I feel it is not being fully understood since it has been romanticized with images of Luke Skywalker and his laser sword fighting against the Evil side.
The best definitions of what a Warrior is are on Carlos Castaneda's books, the saga of "Don Juan", a powerful and wise shaman that took Carlos as his apprentice. Don Juan claimed that a Warrior is a being that performs every single act with supreme impeccability because he is fully aware of his imminent death so he makes every act count. Quoting don Juan: "Knowing that his death is just around the corner, the Warrior performs whatever he chooses to do, and it's only natural that his final act on this Earth contains the very best of himself".
Being a true Warrior requires that we are positioned constantly in the Here and Now, and to understand that our real challenger is our own Death, not Evil and much less our fellow Human beings. We live our lives as if we will be here for a long time and that makes our thoughts and deeds weak and it allows our ego to maintain control, postponing real change in ourselves. This is why I encourage all of you to consider yourselves dead already, think of the Event to come as one of total destruction of the physical realm, let this awesome impending Event be the challenger for us all, and let this new Awareness lead ourselves on our thoughts, feelings and deeds from now on. Let's become True Warriors of Light, there is no time left for us....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Last Choice?

Society is dying, and every minute that we spend looking at the effects of its decomposition -oil spills, wars, disasters, financial losses, political lies, etc.- we lose precious time and vital Energy to survive the upcoming Great Event. Along with the death of Society, our egos are also dying and we are facing our own personal “oil spills, internal wars, losses and lies”. If we let our energy to stay focused on these dramas, it will keep us on a very low vibrational rate and the power of the Event will rip us apart, exactly as the rising Sun rips the darkness apart.
There is no time to keep playing the mind games that ego has set for us to prevent us from finding our True Freedom. Forget about disclosure themes, about vessels in the sky, don’t pay attention to the Illuminati, the AntiChrist or the New Order plans, these are distractions as dangerous as themes like “impending Doom” or “global disasters”.
When that Great Event arrives, it won’t matter if we think of ourselves as “Light Workers”, if we believe in UFO’s or in the Second Coming of The Christ. It won’t matter either if we have memorized the entire Bible or every single channeling from the Federation of Light or any Ascended Master or Prophet. All that will matter in that nanosecond will be solely THE CONDITION OF OUR SOUL.
The ones that will enter the New World will be the purest, simplest Souls on Earth who may don’t even know the slightest thing about all the topics mentioned above. They are the ones that were forgotten and despised by Society because they couldn’t follow its ludicrous rules and -pushed by this rejection- they learned to silence their ego, then they found their True Nature and currently live at Peace with themselves and with the rest of the world.
Only our Heart can lead us from now on, so I beg you, dear Brothers and Sisters: please… please… shut off your mind NOW!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who We Really Are

From time to time, I’ve had the chance to meet and interact with perfect Human Beings, which makes me feel very fortunate and thankful to Divine Source. Yes, Human Perfection is not only possible, it is indeed a fact but most of us are half-blinded by life and may not be capable to recognize it.
As a Spiritual Coach, I have dealt with many young people. Quite a few of them have expressed their belief that their age is a disadvantage on their path to Enlightment. A young woman once asked me: how can I expect to have your Spiritual Awareness if you have 25 years of experience ahead of me?.
I explained to this person that Spiritual Awareness or Freedom is not related to age or to the amount of life experiences. Yes, some people may get wiser as they grow older, but that is mostly because they start feeling the reality of their own death and they see it getting closer everyday. Death gives them a different perspective on life so their thoughts and deeds change but it rarely leads them to True Freedom.
Back to my story, I then finalized my reply to this young woman: “You are much closer than I am to the age where perfection of the human being is natural, and this is on new-born babies. At this point in my life, I carry too much baggage, too many fears and doubts that have accumulated through time, so don’t think you are at a disadvantage with me when it’s actually the opposite. Go find your new-born baby’s feelings, they are fresher on you than on me”.
Yes, my interaction with Perfect Beings has been with babies, and since they cannot understand what I say to them and they cannot talk to me, I just stare at them, shut my mind off and they show me how they shine in Perfect Grace. That’s Who We Really Are. That’s Home.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Time and A Place

I live in a crowded industrial city (over 3.5 million people) in Mexico, where I deal daily with pollution, extreme weather, traffic jams and highly-stressed people. As in every major city, there are clear signs of the end of Society as we know it. I guess it is easier to perceive in big cities the failure of our way of living not because its size but because of the concentration of low frequencies carried by human beings, now being deeply affected by the rays of Divine Energy bombarding Earth.
Back to my story, the Federal Government started months ago a war against drug dealers and their armed groups (cells) more to regain control of the Nation than to fight drug addiction. The wealth of these groups had given them the power to “buy” a few ambitious Governors, Mayors and specially local Police forces to protect them in their operations. This war has affected the flow of money –and power- of these groups who are now desperate to cling to their “powerful” status in this dying Society. This city in particular, being close to the border with the USA –the biggest drug market- has witnessed lately more violence than ever and the National Army is more present these days in our streets to try to contain drug-related crimes like armed robbery of cars or kidnapping, anything that can “compensate” the money they are losing from the seizing of drug and weapons. There have been recently a few battles inside and outside the city with some civilian casualties which naturally increases the level of fear in all its aspects (anger, desperation, frustration, helplesness) and rumours about more battles, a potential “curfew” and the worst possible scenarios are now circulating on the web. You see now communities blocking public access to their areas in an effort to regain a sense of safety and ordinary people is now demanding to have legal access to weapons to “protect” their family and property.
Events like these are unfolding in most of the planet. Whether it is political terrorism, religious differences, ethnic violence, earthquakes, pandemics, etc, a great amount of people are experiencing a difficult and challenging environment. If you are in a spiritual path, you will probably feel a need to escape of any situation like this and move somewhere else to live, since it doesn’t express Who-You-Are. This is understandable, but I strongly encourage you to stay where you are, look for Peace in your Heart beyond any material circumnstance and Hold It in there.
True Light Workers have Freedom of Choice as anyone else, but they have learned that their only REAL choice is the Choice of Freedom; this is, to ignore their Ego commands and to follow Divine Essence commands every second of their lives. Divine Essence wants me to stay here, in this city, and to look for Peace in my Heart and to learn how to keep that Peace regardless of the material circumnstances around me. The darker a place is, the more light is needed to compensate. My mission is to learn how to keep my Heart beating in the New World while my body still lives and acts in the Old World. I feel honored to accept this mission and I am grateful for the chance of being Here today at the service of Divine Essence. What an Awesome place and time to Be…!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lent

The Lent -or “Cuaresma” as we call it here in Mexico- had been an intriguing period for me since I was a kid, mainly because the Passion and death of the Christ did not make any sense to me. Every year I would ask myself the same questions: Why did He die? What for? Why in such manner?
The explanations or versions that the Church gave –and they still give the very same versions nowadays- never satisfied me. He was the Greatest Soul to ever have lived upon Earth, a Human-God, the performer of awesome miracles to whom even the forces of Nature obeyed, and yet He ended up apparently worse than anyone else, beaten, despised and possibly without any single drop of blood inside His Holy body. What difference would it have made if he was killed solely by the sword of a soldier or poisoned by someone paid by the Lawyers or Pharisees? We know that He was obviously protected by Divine Source; since the cradle, He had escaped from King Herod’s massacre; He also vanished from the mob when anyone intended to hurt Him. Why would Divine Source allow that to happen? After a few decades of questioning this, I think I know the answers.
“Original Sin” exists, not in the way the Church would like us to believe, but it does exist. It refers to the greatest mistake than Humanity has made: to totally forget its True Origin. Voluntarily or not, we lost contact with our Divine Essence, we gave up our Sovereignty and we allowed other entities to run this beautiful Planet and to run our own lives. It’s true, every single baby that is born here “falls” automatically in “Original Sin” because he chooses to land in a world where the Big Lie has been instituted and –as things stand today- he has no choice than to fall for that Lie.
Divine Source knew that this situation wouldn’t be eternal. This Universe allows for Freedom of Choice, but there is a point in time where the “reset” of Creation is possible, a time to “re-align” all things and Souls according to Divine Plan. There was a problem though: the Energy released by this Great Event could wipe out the lives of every single person on Earth because of the low frequencies in which we live (Fear in different degrees). The veil was so thick that no one would be able to raise their frequencies unless…. the Big Lie could be unmasked and trascended by us.
Divine Source needed a part of Itself anchored on this planet to be able to re-establish the connection with Human Souls on time and to give them a chance to evolve according to Divine Plan. It needed a Soul that could achieve Full Enlightment during His Lifetime, that could carry the Highest Energy possible in His Body, and most importantly, that He accepted TO LEAVE BEHIND that Energy here on Earth for us to be able to regain our connection with Divine Source. That is why JesusChrist lived and died the way He did.
Through His impeccable Life, He was able to carry the Highest Energy possible and this was concentrated on every single cell of His Body, including His Divine Blood. When this Energy was AT ITS HIGHEST LEVEL -it couldn't be sooner, nor later-, He then allowed it to soak the Earth’s soil –accepting all the physical pain involved in that process- so we could access that Divine Energy when the right time came for each of us. He truly saved us by re-installing that Holy Energy -The Christ Consciousness- back on Earth; otherwise, we wouldn’t have any chance to survive the upcoming Great Event. He truly saved us by dying the way He did.
Divine Source knows also that the Great Sign of the Great Event will appear before our eyes as a luminous Huge Cross in the Sky. The way Jesus was born, the way He lived and the way He died is full of Holy information and every minor detail of His life has a much deeper meaning than what we have been told.... JesusChrist died in a cross because Divine Source wanted us to know that it will be the Sign of the Great Event, His Signature, so to speak. The Great Mission of JesusChrist was not over almost 2000 years ago, it is about to be accomplished, very, very soon….

Friday, February 26, 2010

Illusions on the "spiritual" path

Society has designed for us our entire life, not only on the material side, but also on what we may call the “spiritual” side. Knowing that all humans are born fully connected to God, their first duty is to “cut” that connection since our cradle days installing fears and beliefs designed to last for all our lives. Nevertheless, they are aware that there will always be a yearning for a deeper meaning, a longing for a true relationship with our Creator, so they designed and created the institutions called “Religions” to handle and direct that yearning in a way that supported their plans for us.
They created our ego, and exactly as they designed the basic roles of a “father”, “mother”, “brother”, “student” and so on, they also designed the role and standards of what a “spiritual person” should be. They defined what “good” is, and also what “better” and “best” is. But, as incredible as it may seem, even these “spiritual” concepts were –as everything else they do- designed to keep us controlled and divided.
If you look closely, every single label we use to define us, it automatically separates us from others. Those who feel in charge of this planet always have forced us to define ourselves to a level of detail that is plainly ridiculous: I’m a man, middle-aged, latin, mexican, engineer, thin, middle-class, agnostic, heterosexual, right-wing party, against abortion, etc, etc. Maybe each separate label could help us to belong to a certain group, but the sum of all our labels makes it impossible to belong to any group and prevent people to join forces and move on a different direction.
I’d like to encourage everyone to trascend all the labels and the roles that were assigned to our egos, even the “good” ones as “light worker” or so. Some time ago, I truly felt that I was a light worker on a spiritual path and that I was on the road to growth and enlightment. I even felt sorry for those who were on spiritual darkness and I prayed to God for them. I sincerely thought I knew more important things than most of the people I knew.
I know now that I was still a prisioner of my ego. We are all the same, we share the same Divine Essence and I am no better or worse than anyone else. We all shine with the same brightness and Glory, men, women, latins, europeans, muslims, gays, politicians, beggars, bankers, drug dealers, you name it.
I also know now that there is no way my Spirit can “grow” or be “more enlighted” since my Spirit is already Perfect and Whole, it has been so since Creation started and it will be until the End of Times. "Growth" and "enlightment" are just concepts that are part of the game to keep us busy feeding our ego. Our true path leads ut to FREEDOM and nowhere else.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It is not what it looks like

Ego has become real boring and heavy lately, and yet, most people cannot let it go. Politicians cannot live without feeling they are powerful and rich, artists cannot "enjoy" their lives if they are ignored, so they dedicate their entire energy to look "good" even if they don't feel good, only to be admired. But this is general, we are all trapped in some role that we accepted for our lives and have accepted the crazy standards set by Society for every specific role, standards that were designed to keep our energy constantly drained and focused only on what THEY want. We were told that we need recognition, that we need to be loved by others, that we need to control what happens around us, that we need to please God for an eternal reward, and we believed all of these.
We were told so many other things, and as we accepted each belief and concept, we created a veil that has prevented us to reconnect to Divine Source and to our brothers and sisters' souls on this planet. If we perceive inside the veil the material events that are happening all around Earth, we will be led to the same erroneous way of thinking and feeling: horrible undesireable catastrophes, innocent victims, powerless people starving to death, chaos and the need for leaders to resolve everything for us.
If we were able to percieve through the veil or out of it, we would see how the Universe is relentlessly providing each and every soul EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED to reconnect to Divine Source and to our brother and sister's collective soul. The souls of the ones we see living these dramas are experiencing a violent ripping of the veil, which shocks their egos on first instance, but that then allows them to perceive new emotions and feelings, which are stronger and richer than the lame ones they had before. Of course, it's up to each one of them to accept these new foundations to start a new way of feeling life or to reject them and stick to the old ways, it has been ALWAYS our choice.
Jesus always liked to call Divine Source our "Heavenly Father". If we see one of our kids getting closer to a cliff when running after a ball or we see a danger coming directly to them, we pull them out of danger with the required "violence", no less than that. They may even get hurt by the pull, but we know we saved their lives. That's exactly what Divine Source is doing on Earth right now: providing each and one of us EXACTLY what we need to reconnect with It and survive in flesh and soul the impending Great Event. The apparent increasing violence of the events directly reflects the URGENCY and the DEPTH of the changes required on our souls to enter the New Earth.
I admire and honour the great Souls experiencing these events. I am with you, now and forever.