Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank you

I never thought I would ever create a Blog, but here I am... First of all, I'd like to thank the people on Blosssom Goodchild's space that in some way encouraged me to do it. Thank you Blossom to allow me to share my beliefs on your space, you are very welcome to share yours on this one.
In case somebody didn't read the description of the Blog, this one is not about extraordinary events, UFO's, ET's or Higher Energies. It is neither about Illuminati, New World Order or conspiracy theories. It is not about End-Of-Times scenarios, either glorious or disastrous. All these themes are very exciting and mind-blowing, and while we may discuss shortly some of them here, there are already several sites that cover these in an excellent way.
This Blog is simply about us, human beings on the verge of being transformed by the Grace of Divine Source. It is about the nature of the "blocks" that we constantly find in our way to Freedom. It is about what is preventing us to achieve Peace and Joy in our lives.
It may happen that some things that will be presented here will confuse or even upset somebody. Feel free to send your comments, all of them will be welcomed and published if proper language and expressions are used, that's a promise. Please be patient while I learn to use this wonderful tool to get in touch with you. Peace in your Hearts...