Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warriors of Light

I'd like to express here a few words of caution to the people that have adopted this term to define "who-they-are". "Warriors of Light" is a very serious concept, it's an extremely difficult role to play in these final times and I feel it is not being fully understood since it has been romanticized with images of Luke Skywalker and his laser sword fighting against the Evil side.
The best definitions of what a Warrior is are on Carlos Castaneda's books, the saga of "Don Juan", a powerful and wise shaman that took Carlos as his apprentice. Don Juan claimed that a Warrior is a being that performs every single act with supreme impeccability because he is fully aware of his imminent death so he makes every act count. Quoting don Juan: "Knowing that his death is just around the corner, the Warrior performs whatever he chooses to do, and it's only natural that his final act on this Earth contains the very best of himself".
Being a true Warrior requires that we are positioned constantly in the Here and Now, and to understand that our real challenger is our own Death, not Evil and much less our fellow Human beings. We live our lives as if we will be here for a long time and that makes our thoughts and deeds weak and it allows our ego to maintain control, postponing real change in ourselves. This is why I encourage all of you to consider yourselves dead already, think of the Event to come as one of total destruction of the physical realm, let this awesome impending Event be the challenger for us all, and let this new Awareness lead ourselves on our thoughts, feelings and deeds from now on. Let's become True Warriors of Light, there is no time left for us....