Monday, December 27, 2010

A Theory

If you have followed my posts in this blog, you may know that I frequently encourage everyone to shut off their minds and start using their Hearts to lead their lives. This comes more from a feeling than a reason, but my original mind – not my “installed” mind- has lately been playing out with an interesting concept that may justify and validate my request.
We all know now that there is something going on with the electromagnetic field of the planet. In general, it is diminishing and that has caused dolphins and whales to end up stranded on beaches or swim into strange places like the Thames River. There are prophecies that are now starting to be supported by scientists that the magnetic field of Earth will soon be gone for a short period and then it will come back causing a Pole shift and -I would add- a change in Global Consciousness.
I have been thinking: what if the magnetic grid is the “screen” where we project our collective energy, where "reality" is being played out? We know that many devices use magnetic force to tape or store information and I believe this huge grid called “magnetic field” serves to reflect physically what we are creating inside of us with our beliefs and thoughts. What would happen with our “REALITY” when this screen changes or disappear? I believe whatever happens, any scenario under these circumstances is going to blow up our minds, LITERALLY.
I believe there will come a time –very, very soon- when the magnetic grid comes to a minimum or even disappears. In my personal opinion, this will happen before the alignment of the Center of our Galaxy with our Sun and our planet; this is, before December 2012. I also believe that when this time comes, we won’t be able to think or to process our thoughts as we are doing now. I even think we won’t be able to recall our names or fully recognize our own relatives. If we rely only in our minds, then we will probably experience sheer panic.
The only way we can stay safe and unharmed through that time will be to tune into our Hearts. That is why it is imperative to start doing it RIGHT NOW, to get familiar with our Heart’s voice and to rely less and less in our minds. On those days, our Heart will guide us filling us with Love and Faith while our mind will be useless, immersed in chaos. Our mind will yell that we are doomed and will die, while our Hearts will assure us that we are perfectly OK and that we have finally arrived to our destination….the New Earth… Amen….

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Radical Statement

After a long time of struggling with feelings of frustration and despair about nothing REALLY changing in my life, I have come to the understanding that it’s not enough to let go of the low (dark) thoughts and emotions. It’s neither enough to detach us from possessions. I found out that it is also necessary to detach us from our own hopes and expectations.
This may sound radical, but our Freedom cannot arrive if we are clinging to anything, as noble or elevated it may seem. Hope and expectations are for the future, and future doesn’t exist. I see now that “hope” always involve some degree of fear about the future, a wish we hold in our hearts when we feel that chances are that the result won’t be good. This is why “hope” turns easily into frustration as the scenario we expected doesn’t materialize, because hope is born out of a very subtle -yet very real- fear.
Let’s expect nothing, let’s not “hope” for something to happen. In my case, it is precisely when I completely surrender, when I convince myself that I am completely hopeless with no “future” and no possibility to succeed no matter how hard I try, it is then that my Spirit is filled with a different Energy and then Truth, Peace and Joy follows.
Hope is one of the last resources of ego to maintain us controlled. Truth dissolves ego.