Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Radical Statement

After a long time of struggling with feelings of frustration and despair about nothing REALLY changing in my life, I have come to the understanding that it’s not enough to let go of the low (dark) thoughts and emotions. It’s neither enough to detach us from possessions. I found out that it is also necessary to detach us from our own hopes and expectations.
This may sound radical, but our Freedom cannot arrive if we are clinging to anything, as noble or elevated it may seem. Hope and expectations are for the future, and future doesn’t exist. I see now that “hope” always involve some degree of fear about the future, a wish we hold in our hearts when we feel that chances are that the result won’t be good. This is why “hope” turns easily into frustration as the scenario we expected doesn’t materialize, because hope is born out of a very subtle -yet very real- fear.
Let’s expect nothing, let’s not “hope” for something to happen. In my case, it is precisely when I completely surrender, when I convince myself that I am completely hopeless with no “future” and no possibility to succeed no matter how hard I try, it is then that my Spirit is filled with a different Energy and then Truth, Peace and Joy follows.
Hope is one of the last resources of ego to maintain us controlled. Truth dissolves ego.

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