Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lent

The Lent -or “Cuaresma” as we call it here in Mexico- had been an intriguing period for me since I was a kid, mainly because the Passion and death of the Christ did not make any sense to me. Every year I would ask myself the same questions: Why did He die? What for? Why in such manner?
The explanations or versions that the Church gave –and they still give the very same versions nowadays- never satisfied me. He was the Greatest Soul to ever have lived upon Earth, a Human-God, the performer of awesome miracles to whom even the forces of Nature obeyed, and yet He ended up apparently worse than anyone else, beaten, despised and possibly without any single drop of blood inside His Holy body. What difference would it have made if he was killed solely by the sword of a soldier or poisoned by someone paid by the Lawyers or Pharisees? We know that He was obviously protected by Divine Source; since the cradle, He had escaped from King Herod’s massacre; He also vanished from the mob when anyone intended to hurt Him. Why would Divine Source allow that to happen? After a few decades of questioning this, I think I know the answers.
“Original Sin” exists, not in the way the Church would like us to believe, but it does exist. It refers to the greatest mistake than Humanity has made: to totally forget its True Origin. Voluntarily or not, we lost contact with our Divine Essence, we gave up our Sovereignty and we allowed other entities to run this beautiful Planet and to run our own lives. It’s true, every single baby that is born here “falls” automatically in “Original Sin” because he chooses to land in a world where the Big Lie has been instituted and –as things stand today- he has no choice than to fall for that Lie.
Divine Source knew that this situation wouldn’t be eternal. This Universe allows for Freedom of Choice, but there is a point in time where the “reset” of Creation is possible, a time to “re-align” all things and Souls according to Divine Plan. There was a problem though: the Energy released by this Great Event could wipe out the lives of every single person on Earth because of the low frequencies in which we live (Fear in different degrees). The veil was so thick that no one would be able to raise their frequencies unless…. the Big Lie could be unmasked and trascended by us.
Divine Source needed a part of Itself anchored on this planet to be able to re-establish the connection with Human Souls on time and to give them a chance to evolve according to Divine Plan. It needed a Soul that could achieve Full Enlightment during His Lifetime, that could carry the Highest Energy possible in His Body, and most importantly, that He accepted TO LEAVE BEHIND that Energy here on Earth for us to be able to regain our connection with Divine Source. That is why JesusChrist lived and died the way He did.
Through His impeccable Life, He was able to carry the Highest Energy possible and this was concentrated on every single cell of His Body, including His Divine Blood. When this Energy was AT ITS HIGHEST LEVEL -it couldn't be sooner, nor later-, He then allowed it to soak the Earth’s soil –accepting all the physical pain involved in that process- so we could access that Divine Energy when the right time came for each of us. He truly saved us by re-installing that Holy Energy -The Christ Consciousness- back on Earth; otherwise, we wouldn’t have any chance to survive the upcoming Great Event. He truly saved us by dying the way He did.
Divine Source knows also that the Great Sign of the Great Event will appear before our eyes as a luminous Huge Cross in the Sky. The way Jesus was born, the way He lived and the way He died is full of Holy information and every minor detail of His life has a much deeper meaning than what we have been told.... JesusChrist died in a cross because Divine Source wanted us to know that it will be the Sign of the Great Event, His Signature, so to speak. The Great Mission of JesusChrist was not over almost 2000 years ago, it is about to be accomplished, very, very soon….

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