Friday, February 26, 2010

Illusions on the "spiritual" path

Society has designed for us our entire life, not only on the material side, but also on what we may call the “spiritual” side. Knowing that all humans are born fully connected to God, their first duty is to “cut” that connection since our cradle days installing fears and beliefs designed to last for all our lives. Nevertheless, they are aware that there will always be a yearning for a deeper meaning, a longing for a true relationship with our Creator, so they designed and created the institutions called “Religions” to handle and direct that yearning in a way that supported their plans for us.
They created our ego, and exactly as they designed the basic roles of a “father”, “mother”, “brother”, “student” and so on, they also designed the role and standards of what a “spiritual person” should be. They defined what “good” is, and also what “better” and “best” is. But, as incredible as it may seem, even these “spiritual” concepts were –as everything else they do- designed to keep us controlled and divided.
If you look closely, every single label we use to define us, it automatically separates us from others. Those who feel in charge of this planet always have forced us to define ourselves to a level of detail that is plainly ridiculous: I’m a man, middle-aged, latin, mexican, engineer, thin, middle-class, agnostic, heterosexual, right-wing party, against abortion, etc, etc. Maybe each separate label could help us to belong to a certain group, but the sum of all our labels makes it impossible to belong to any group and prevent people to join forces and move on a different direction.
I’d like to encourage everyone to trascend all the labels and the roles that were assigned to our egos, even the “good” ones as “light worker” or so. Some time ago, I truly felt that I was a light worker on a spiritual path and that I was on the road to growth and enlightment. I even felt sorry for those who were on spiritual darkness and I prayed to God for them. I sincerely thought I knew more important things than most of the people I knew.
I know now that I was still a prisioner of my ego. We are all the same, we share the same Divine Essence and I am no better or worse than anyone else. We all shine with the same brightness and Glory, men, women, latins, europeans, muslims, gays, politicians, beggars, bankers, drug dealers, you name it.
I also know now that there is no way my Spirit can “grow” or be “more enlighted” since my Spirit is already Perfect and Whole, it has been so since Creation started and it will be until the End of Times. "Growth" and "enlightment" are just concepts that are part of the game to keep us busy feeding our ego. Our true path leads ut to FREEDOM and nowhere else.

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