Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who We Really Are

From time to time, I’ve had the chance to meet and interact with perfect Human Beings, which makes me feel very fortunate and thankful to Divine Source. Yes, Human Perfection is not only possible, it is indeed a fact but most of us are half-blinded by life and may not be capable to recognize it.
As a Spiritual Coach, I have dealt with many young people. Quite a few of them have expressed their belief that their age is a disadvantage on their path to Enlightment. A young woman once asked me: how can I expect to have your Spiritual Awareness if you have 25 years of experience ahead of me?.
I explained to this person that Spiritual Awareness or Freedom is not related to age or to the amount of life experiences. Yes, some people may get wiser as they grow older, but that is mostly because they start feeling the reality of their own death and they see it getting closer everyday. Death gives them a different perspective on life so their thoughts and deeds change but it rarely leads them to True Freedom.
Back to my story, I then finalized my reply to this young woman: “You are much closer than I am to the age where perfection of the human being is natural, and this is on new-born babies. At this point in my life, I carry too much baggage, too many fears and doubts that have accumulated through time, so don’t think you are at a disadvantage with me when it’s actually the opposite. Go find your new-born baby’s feelings, they are fresher on you than on me”.
Yes, my interaction with Perfect Beings has been with babies, and since they cannot understand what I say to them and they cannot talk to me, I just stare at them, shut my mind off and they show me how they shine in Perfect Grace. That’s Who We Really Are. That’s Home.

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