Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Last Choice?

Society is dying, and every minute that we spend looking at the effects of its decomposition -oil spills, wars, disasters, financial losses, political lies, etc.- we lose precious time and vital Energy to survive the upcoming Great Event. Along with the death of Society, our egos are also dying and we are facing our own personal “oil spills, internal wars, losses and lies”. If we let our energy to stay focused on these dramas, it will keep us on a very low vibrational rate and the power of the Event will rip us apart, exactly as the rising Sun rips the darkness apart.
There is no time to keep playing the mind games that ego has set for us to prevent us from finding our True Freedom. Forget about disclosure themes, about vessels in the sky, don’t pay attention to the Illuminati, the AntiChrist or the New Order plans, these are distractions as dangerous as themes like “impending Doom” or “global disasters”.
When that Great Event arrives, it won’t matter if we think of ourselves as “Light Workers”, if we believe in UFO’s or in the Second Coming of The Christ. It won’t matter either if we have memorized the entire Bible or every single channeling from the Federation of Light or any Ascended Master or Prophet. All that will matter in that nanosecond will be solely THE CONDITION OF OUR SOUL.
The ones that will enter the New World will be the purest, simplest Souls on Earth who may don’t even know the slightest thing about all the topics mentioned above. They are the ones that were forgotten and despised by Society because they couldn’t follow its ludicrous rules and -pushed by this rejection- they learned to silence their ego, then they found their True Nature and currently live at Peace with themselves and with the rest of the world.
Only our Heart can lead us from now on, so I beg you, dear Brothers and Sisters: please… please… shut off your mind NOW!!!

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