Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Theory (II)

All the recent events about birds and fishes found dead for apparent no-reason in different countries seem to indicate that some areas on the magnetic grid are collapsing or changing drastically.
I choose to believe that this is NOT a bad thing. It seems to me that each Species over the planet -including Humans- has exclusive lines or areas inside the Magnetic Field that were designed by their Creator to make their lives possible on Earth. I choose to believe that these flocks of animals are finding their particular "new magnetic lines" and are entering the New Earth keeping their consciousness while leaving their bodies behind. The Key to this conclusion is that whatever is happening, it's happening to a single species every time. Pollution, weather conditions or ANY material circumnstance would affect all species on that specific place and time. This is beyond material circumnstances, this may well be the start of the Ascension for Species, too bad we can't confirm this yet.

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