Friday, March 11, 2011

May 21, 2011- Rapture Day?

I read about this version on the Web a few months ago and –as date gets closer- it seems to be gaining momentum. I just saw a few days ago this billboard along the road that read –in Spanish- “JESUS IS BACK– MAY 21, 2011..” followed by a Bible verse that I did not have enough time to read since I was driving on a very busy street.
Regardless of the procedure that was used to determine this specific date –which I find confusing and arbitrary-, it is quite interesting to witness how many, many, people believe –AND HOPE- this WILL happen. It's clear that there is a very strong yearning around the world for things to change drastically and there is also a deep sense of urgency for that change, so the Rapture offers exactly that, a quick, dramatic and spectacular escape of the good people from all Evil and all suffering. Actually, the most popular version is about the “true believers” being saved (meaning a specific Church or group), not about the “good people”.
I personally believe on the separation of the Wheat and the Tares at the End of Times, but I disagree on their definition of who is “wheat” and who is “tares”. No material circumstance defines this, it’s not about belonging to a specific church or religion and it’s not about believing in Jesus or not. It’s not either defined by acting or thinking one way or another. What defines if we are “wheat” or “tares” is solely the condition of our Soul, the true State of our Heart.
I also disagree with the date -with ANY date-. If the hour and date cannot be known by any man, or angel, not even by the Son of Man, it is because it depends on billions of dynamic variables, on how the collective energy and consciousness of mankind -millions of beliefs, thoughts and emotions- moves and interacts along with the new Energies that are being generated from the Center of our Galaxy and are arriving at Earth on these wondrous times. There will be a point in the very near future where the right combination of Energies will make this Event possible and then it will happen as predicted: “as the lightning comes from the East and is seen even unto the West”, this is, UNEXPECTED, QUICK AND OF A WORLWIDE EFFECT.
The Event will be a Glorious moment of full connection between the Wheat and its Creator, a sort of Divine Bridge created on one side by Creator and by Wheat itself on the other side, reflecting His Peace, Joy and Abundance. Then Earth will be then split in two: the new Earth for the Wheat and the old, damaged Earth for the Tares, and Divine Plan will then be complete. Amen…..

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  1. Amen!
    I share your thoughts and feelings, dear Enrique.