Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Earth is calling us

I cannot tell if what I feel is being felt by other people, but I'd like to share that now I find it easier to live from the Heart and to disregard the "reality" perceived by our regular senses. It feels like everything is not as solid as months ago and a sense of personal sovereignty has come back to my life. I feel the New Earth is inviting us -Warriors of Light- to extract and anchor a new way to live, a much more meaningful and powerful way to live, so it can become accessible to more and more people. I believe what we needed to fulfill our destiny is Here, and Now is the time to download it in the current Earth so our Mission is complete.
I cannot get into details about the new way to live because it's different for each of us, just like members of a symphony orchestra playing in different instruments, creating a master piece in crescendo which will close a grand concerto. The key to recognize our new personal way of living is that it will be the one making us vibrate with the Highest Level of Joy and Peace, feeling a new and awesome -though not visible- world around us, allowing it to gain more and more solidness as time passes.
I'd like to encourage my brothers and sisters to stop whining or feeling depressed or confused because "nothing happened". Our mission is not over, remember that we were not born to be rewarded or honored, we are here to break chains and limitations,  to expedite the end of the old ways in the old world, and to deeply enjoy the process. Peace to all.....

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