Sunday, November 17, 2013

A plea to all True Light Warriors

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Light of the Christ Consciousness, I am directing this request to all of you who have fully accepted that their reason to be born in this time is to materialize the Divine Energy and to bring back the Original Plan for Humankind upon this beautiful planet.
We are now behind schedule, and it has been entirely our fault that the Event has not happened yet. We have been taken out of course for different reasons but in the end, it has been our refusal to let go of our own personal lives which has caused this delay. My plea to all of you is to give up entirely your own personal life and to direct all of your energy and to use ALL OF YOUR TIME, every second of the day, to the Service of Divine Source. No more hopes, fears, questions or excitement for our ego. We need to become nothing in this world to allow Divine Source to imprint in us His True Mark that is a Deep Peaceful Joy, so He can fulfill His Holy Plan for His Children and for the rest of Creation on this dimension.

We MUST fulfill our destiny Here and Now, we KNOW there was no other reason for us to be born, so not to succeed on this is worse than being dead, nothing else should really matter to us. Please allow Divine Peace to guide you, drop your old self immediately and fear nothing, be bold and confident to walk in the new Earth in awe and with humility, it is NOW or never…. WAKE UP and WALK ON!!!!

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