Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It is not what it looks like

Ego has become real boring and heavy lately, and yet, most people cannot let it go. Politicians cannot live without feeling they are powerful and rich, artists cannot "enjoy" their lives if they are ignored, so they dedicate their entire energy to look "good" even if they don't feel good, only to be admired. But this is general, we are all trapped in some role that we accepted for our lives and have accepted the crazy standards set by Society for every specific role, standards that were designed to keep our energy constantly drained and focused only on what THEY want. We were told that we need recognition, that we need to be loved by others, that we need to control what happens around us, that we need to please God for an eternal reward, and we believed all of these.
We were told so many other things, and as we accepted each belief and concept, we created a veil that has prevented us to reconnect to Divine Source and to our brothers and sisters' souls on this planet. If we perceive inside the veil the material events that are happening all around Earth, we will be led to the same erroneous way of thinking and feeling: horrible undesireable catastrophes, innocent victims, powerless people starving to death, chaos and the need for leaders to resolve everything for us.
If we were able to percieve through the veil or out of it, we would see how the Universe is relentlessly providing each and every soul EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED to reconnect to Divine Source and to our brother and sister's collective soul. The souls of the ones we see living these dramas are experiencing a violent ripping of the veil, which shocks their egos on first instance, but that then allows them to perceive new emotions and feelings, which are stronger and richer than the lame ones they had before. Of course, it's up to each one of them to accept these new foundations to start a new way of feeling life or to reject them and stick to the old ways, it has been ALWAYS our choice.
Jesus always liked to call Divine Source our "Heavenly Father". If we see one of our kids getting closer to a cliff when running after a ball or we see a danger coming directly to them, we pull them out of danger with the required "violence", no less than that. They may even get hurt by the pull, but we know we saved their lives. That's exactly what Divine Source is doing on Earth right now: providing each and one of us EXACTLY what we need to reconnect with It and survive in flesh and soul the impending Great Event. The apparent increasing violence of the events directly reflects the URGENCY and the DEPTH of the changes required on our souls to enter the New Earth.
I admire and honour the great Souls experiencing these events. I am with you, now and forever.

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  1. Applauses! I really enjoy your writing and your solely view about the new era. It’s amazing to see such work as yours to make it lively connection to what I think too, but wasn’t really ready to accept such factors. And you make it simple.
    You said: “artists cannot "enjoy" their lives if they are ignored”. I am an artist, but I don’t live for it. My uncle is an artist as well (and he used to live for it), but he didn’t had recognition for his work (guitar player) and he said he suffered for it and even got depressed for several years straight for this reason, while his friends were having success. Of course, when you do something that gets out of your mind, such as playing an instrument can give you this hint, you would like to others to appreciate what you create as an artist, you wish to be recognized by it so you could fell the flashback of your work, I don’t think this would be egocentrical, but in my view it would suggest a person who need to fit their work into society, for better or worse, to teach something from the art, from the star that there is within you. You could see that in times of war, artists had to escape in order to keep their work going and they would like to be recognized so it would be for a good cause (again, or not). So it is relative. Although my uncle says that today, he wasn’t recognized, his ‘fame’ of being honest, and doing what he liked best, is his mark, despite the fact that, he is indeed a great musician. But then again, I cannot agree more than what you said there.
    Thanks !