Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Safest Place To Be

We can run, but we can't hide. It doesn't matter where we live or what we do, the energy of Divine Source is penetrating everywhere, realigning Creation and removing the lower frequencies out from this planet. It is acting upon every single atom in our body and it may create discomfort or even sickness in ourselves if it finds "traces" or "pockets" of low frequencies energies such as fear, anger, resentment or desperation inside of our self.
The degree of suffering that we may experience will depend on how deep these different types of fears are rooted in our Soul. There is no way that any fear will remain after Divine Energy has reached its peak, it's like betting on darkness surviving the rays of the Sun; thus, it's evident that the wisest thing to do is to eliminate any trace of fear in our Soul as soon as possible, if we are looking forward to Ascend to the New World.
And it's precisely at this point where most of us get stucked. How do we get rid of fears in our lives? The fear of not being worthy, the fear of not being loved, the fear of losing health or wealth, the conviction that there are threats around us, etc. No matter how hard our Heart wants to believe that "there is nothing to fear" or that "all is as it should be", our mind always find something that contradicts these premises, and we end up believing our mind, not our Heart. Why? Simply because we know no other way to live, we were TAUGHT and DIRECTED to do so since our early days in the cradle for purposes not aligned with Divine Plan. Now it's time to learn a new way to live, BEFORE the Great Event happens.
How? HOW?! In my experience, there is NO WAY to trascend fear in our lives using our mind, it is the wrong "tool". We need to by-pass the mind as much as we can, every second of our lives, if possible. How can we do that? INTEND TO BE AND TO STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW. Ego (our installed mind) cannot possibly operate in the Here and Now. That's why many of the tricks that ego plays are based on past and future scenarios, illusions where lies may be constructed and fears may be created.
To be and to stay in the Now was almost impossible a few decades ago. The arrival of Divine Energy is making now possible to achieve it. Society is resisting its death, and its designers are playing out all their Aces, trying to generate the maximum fear to the maximum amount of people to stay in control of everyone and everything. The escape route is the Now.
At first, to be fully alive in the Now is a very difficult task, but that is only because we have been drained out of energy in a systematic manner and our energy level is usually very low. When we start this practice, we may actually feel a VEIL blocking us the full perception of the Now. That is temporary and it's fine, we only need a few SECONDS a day to start gaining back our Energy, because the Here and Now is where Divine Energy resides and it charges up our Spirit, and fears start vanishing off our Soul while our ego recedes and our Heart steps forward as the new Leader in our Lives.
If we stay in the Now, nothing can touch us, nothing can harm us, nobody can control us. The Now is the Safest Place to Be, discover it for yourself.

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