Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ultimate Choice

As we approach our destiny, I am aware that hundreds of millions of people are experiencing the most challenging times of their lives, some in the form of natural disasters and some are facing the effects of direct or indirect violence while many others are living emotional turmoil or excessive mental stress due to financial issues or the failure of important relationships. In truth, the vast majority are not personally experiencing any of these dramas but –thanks to the mainstream Media and the ones who direct it- they are already in fear of the “terrible possibilities” out there. “WHAT CAN WE DO?” is the desperate question I hear every single day and I have found out that to remind them that "we all have free will to decide what to do" only increases their sense of helplessness because they truly don’t see any way out… WHY???
The answer is simple, but it has very deep implications because we've been kept away from ALL the options we REALLY have. The Elite that has run this Society for thousands of years is very aware that “Freedom of Choice” does exist as a gift from Creator and -not being able to “erase” it from our DNA- they simply limited the span of our choices to present us only the ones contributing to their objectives. They accomplished this by first convincing us of 2 “Basic Lies”: one, that we are separated from Creator and two, that we are separated from each other. Once these basic lies were in place, we automatically gave away our Natural Power to anyone willing to guide us and keep us safe. Then, they designed the “gods” of this Society: the Monetary System, the Political System and the Religious System. This unholy trinity contains all the choices being offered to us, not for our benefit, but for theirs.
Now we know why we cannot find a way out of the bad experiences we are having: their systems simply don't offer any way out. Well, to be fair, they do offer choices: alcohol, illegal or prescribed drugs, TV to numb your mind, etc., but we know where these "options" take us. To know what our choices REALLY are, we need to go back all the way to the moment we believed the two mentioned “Basic Lies” and decide HERE AND NOW if we are going to keep these beliefs in our Mind and in our Soul.
This is the Ultimate Choice being presented to ALL of us in these Final Times of Society: to choose Who We Are, to accept our True Nature. It may feel scary to feel that you will start from “zero” but trust me, if you take this Leap of Faith, you will start not from zero but from “Infinity”, and an endless stream of options will flow before your Soul to finally express Itself in all its Glory and Perfection. Our body will stay in this world but our Soul will be connected again with Its Source and will assist on Mankind Ascension showing the Way out, where pain, fear and suffering won't exist anymore...

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