Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Eye for an Eye...

…will make us all Blind. What a great Declaration from Mahatma Gandhi, and yet, no one is listening.
I have been experiencing a deep sadness for a while. The challenges that I am facing on a personal level have left me with a sense of being doomed without a possible escape and now that I witness how people react to the assassination of Bin Laden, it confirms to me that very, very few will survive the Great Event that will mark soon the End of Times. There are some that think that everybody –every single soul- will make The Leap, the Ascension, but that’s simply impossible, it’s like expecting a wildfire to cross an ocean.
For some reason, I was certain that most people, after witnessing how the Institutions –Financial, Religious and Political- are corrupted in spirit and how they don’t really care about us, I was certain – I repeat- that most people had partially awoken and were accepting responsibility to be in charge of their own lives and searching for a more meaningful way of living. Instead of this, I just confirmed that everyone is still waiting for somebody else to look after us, to protect us and to provide us with everything that we feel we deserve.
Back to Bin Laden, why are so many people happy about him being murdered? Are we aware of where this feeling comes from? Do we really believe he had power over our lives? Should we really rejoice on anyone’s death? What about Gandhi’s Declaration? What about turning the other cheek? What about forgiving "70 times 7"? How sad this is…. To have eyes and yet, cannot see and to have ears and yet, cannot listen….

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  1. Enrique,

    No te dejes abatir por lo que sucede. Así como hay personas que necesitan un chivo expiatorio y proyectan en el la furia (y salen en los medios, claro), están también todos aquellos que saben que es un juego en el cual nos quieren involucrar para manipularnos emocionalmente.
    La vida es un sueño y los sueños sueños son...
    Donde haya un alma que esté despierta, vale la pena! Aunque cueste, hay que seguir intentando despertar al amor... No sé por qué me vino a la mente: "All is as should be". ;)
    Te envío luz, querido hermano!