Monday, July 30, 2012

Can Heart be trusted?

Messages from more evolutioned Souls always stress out the importance of trusting our Heart. As simple as this may sound, all of us find it difficult to follow and frustration grows as we realize that we are not even sure what we are listening to, is it really our Heart or is it just a mind trick? One of the biggest obstacles to trust our Heart is the deep belief that “heart is ever-changing, not reliable” and we justify that belief mainly by remembering when we failed in the process of choosing our life partner or how we felt in a certain way about something or somebody only to be “deceived” later in a way that totally changed our initial feelings, leading us to the logic conclusion that “heart” can and does fail. Even Religions suggest we shouldn’t rely in our hearts, they rather encourage us more to read the Bible than to dig for the Truth inside us.
Our Heart is as reliable as Creator Is, and it is our Divine Tool to connect with our Divine Essence. Those who rule this planet know this as Truth, so they designed the teachings of this Society to block that connection since our cradle years. It is actually the main goal of the whole system: to prevent us to connect with our Divine Essence because once this is achieved, we can be easily controlled and they may use our energy for their purposes.
We all live our lives with almost no contact at all with our True Heart. Instead, we “feel” and follow emotions directed by our ingenious installed mind, tricking us into believing that these emotions are true feelings from our Heart, but emotions are to feelings like sparks to fire, with a shorter life span and with no essence, they are just a tiny part or reflection of something bigger and most people, having nothing else to compare with, believe emotions are the Real Thing. This does not mean that emotions are bad or worse than feelings, they simply exist in the human sphere and are actually the very reason why so many souls want to experience life in Earth: to be able to experience emotions. But in a higher sense, we have to acknowledge that emotions are the rainbow and feelings are the sun. Rainbows are cool but the sun is The Source for that and more.
Now, despite this control from installed mind, sometimes our Heart’s signal is so strong that a True Feeling gets our attention, especially when we meet another soul that is important to accomplish our Mission in life. We all recognize this as a special moment, but what happens next is that installed mind starts reacting to this potential threat to its sovereignty over our lives. It uses every dirty trick possible, all involving fears about this event: will it last? Will I be able to keep this person around me forever?. Furthermore, it will create expectations impossible to meet by any living person, setting the ground for self-deception and a sense of failure that it will block –again- the source of such a wonderful true Feeling. Once the connection is blocked, we are convinced that we “lost” the feeling and whether or not we decide to stay around the other person, we have transformed this potentially divine relationship into a regular, human relationship, losing all the divine gifts intended to reach us, BUT... there are very good news and this blog is about them…
There is a signal being beamed to all of us from Creator through our Heart, and this time it's not that we are meeting a special person. We are meeting a new Earth or to put it in a more accurate way: a new Earth wants to meet us!!... This is the greatest Gift ever offered to Humankind and installed minds are playing their wildest and scariest cards but this time they are not going to succeed in blocking this signal, and this is simply because it is infinitely stronger, it’s like darkness trying to block the sun in a one-on-one fight. Creator won’t change plans and the new Earth will meet us through the gate of our Heart, it has no other way to introduce Herself.
This is why every single enlighted Being has declared that we must go inside and find our Divine Essence, our Divine connection with Creator. There is a Divine Plan soon to be fulfilled and time is running out for us to unblock this connection and to get used to listen and to follow our Heart voice, so we may survive and complete our Mission. There is no other way than to unmask the installed mind and to put it aside as we would do with a useless device that we no longer need. There is no need to fight with it, would you fight or get angry with a CD player or with your computer just because they don’t serve you any more?
As a matter of fact, it would help us to acknowledge that installed mind was a perfect program or device, so perfect that it controlled humankind for thousand of years, but its time is over, so why give it more attention? Remember, you give power to that in which you focus your energy. Don’t even give it a thought, not anymore. Start FEELING again, don’t get stuck by experiencing emotions, now recognize FEELINGS. You can easily tell the difference once you start “Feeling” again, just like you did in your cradle days and then forgot, it's now time to Remember and Be our True Selves. Peace to all…

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