Saturday, December 5, 2009

The dying ego

It took me some time to start this post. I really don't feel comfortable discussing ego's ways, it's like a slave being asked to talk about his captors after being freed; all he wants to do is to enjoy his freedom and don't look back, right? Yet, I think it's important to share what I know about the current situation of the ego.
Ego is the device by which we have been kept divided and controlled, it's not an energy, it is more like a program installed and maintained in our mind, a program that intends to give a specific direction to our thoughts, emotions and actions. The ultimate goal of the ego is to keep us permanently drained out of energy, easy to control and unable to connect with our Divine Source, not even with our human Brothers and Sisters. This control is so strong and well designed that it could last until Eternity, unless something extraordinary happens... and it's happening.
Right now, ego is being ripped apart by the force of Divine Energy coming from the center of our Galaxy and it's dying... this should be one of the greatest news of all times: FREEDOM at last but... people are suffering and dying with it, because most people think they ARE the ego. It was very early on our lives when Divine Essence was blocked by ego and most of us can't remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. Ego made us think we were something else, and now that this "impersonation" is being terminated, we feel confused and at loss about what is going on and about the future. Not only ego itself is dying, all the institutions that maintained ego are crumbling and falling apart.
HOW CAN WE AVOID FALLING DOWN WITH EGO AND WITH THE DYING SYSTEMS? There is a way out: STAY IN THE HERE AND NOW, AND SURRENDER. The force of Divine Energy is performing a purification as never before experienced, but it operates ONLY in the NOW. Staying in the Now is a very difficult task when we start the process. I'll explain why on my next post. SURRENDER, dear friends, SURRENDER AND TRUST THE PROCESS....

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