Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of Times II

On my last post, I used the metaphor of the acid rain falling over our Souls to explain that these final times will have a different impact on us, depending on the condition of our Soul. Now I say that it is important to understand -and to accept- that our Divine Essence, our True Self, is all "crystal-made", and this is so for all of us. So, in theory there should be no reason to be afraid of this "rain", this wondrous Energy currently present among us, because it can't do any harm and it will eventually purify us and allow us to enter the New World unharmed.
However, there is something else "installed" in all of us in different degrees. It is "metal-made" and it's the reason why most people are having a hard time today, whether is on difficult relationships, tough job situations, scarcity issues, mental distress or depression for no particular reason, health problems, etc. This "metal-made" aspect of us is the ego. Before this generates a controversy because there are different definitions of ego, I will clarify that for this blog's purpose, ego is the personality that Society designed and installed in us to make us live and die for someone else's purposes and benefits. It's a complete system of beliefs that determines our thoughts, decisions and deeds during our lives. If it weren't for its devilish purposes, I'd say that ego is a beauty in terms of its design and effectiveness, but it's really nothing compared to the Power of the Rays of Light from Divine Source. It is just like darkness, it doesn't stand on its own power, it exists only because the power of light is absent.
There is nothing more important in these days than to understand, embrace and let go of ego. I know there is a lot of stuff going on that seems to be more important, like Climate change, New World Order, impending wars, financial crisis, but all these are just the result of our collective Inner State. If we don't focus our Energy on purifying our Spirit and on connecting with our own Divine Essence, we will miss the Great Liberation that is being offered by the Energies that are currently flooding this planet.
This is what I had to say about the End of Times. It is about our Freedom, about the Return to Paradise, about the completion of the Divine Plan that was interrupted thousands of years ago. I'll insert here a short comment: I sincerely believe that ET's presence among us on these final days is not because they will soon present a show to delight our senses. I believe they are here to be delighted by us, to watch our show. To witness a human Soul reconnecting to his own Divine Essence and become Complete again beats -by far- the sighting of any vessel on the sky. I believe we are performing the "Best Show on the Universe" today.
Back on track, since ego is the only thing that stands in our way to Freedom, I will use my next postings to share with you what I know about "the ways of the ego". Peace in your Hearts...

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  1. WOW. Thanks for this post! I am looking forward to the next installment.