Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Great Event

In this twisted version of reality that we call Society, Christmas has not escaped to the corruption of its true meaning and message. We all know how materialism has overcome the spiritual aspect of Christmas but putting that aside, even the organized Religions have missed the True Essence of Christmas. We may read in the Bible a lovely story about how things went bad for Joseph and Mary, who asked for a place to stay and to give birth to baby Jesus and how they were rejected by people who were either too busy or too concerned with their own problems to listen to them. The part of the story that is mostly highlighted is how our Saviour chose to born in poverty to give us -that's what the rulers say- a great lesson of humbleness.
I believe this Divine Event -as EVERYTHING else that Jesus did or said during His Life- has a much greater meaning. It actually gives us a very clear map and explanation on how the Holy Spirit works on Earth and on how we can allow the Christ Consciousness to be born in our Souls. To be able to understand this, we must ignore the material circumnstances of the story and try to recreate with our Hearts the feelings and emotions of the event.
We are Joseph and Mary and we are trying to carry out our earthly responsibilities, but we also know that something really great is about to happen, so we stay calm with a certain degree of expectancy. We notice the difference of our inner state when we see other people screaming and demanding a place to stay as the night falls down and it surprises us a little to see such behavior. Little children are crying and screaming while adults lose their temper and try to bribe the innkeeper to get the best place. If they fail, they silently blame God or their government for not providing them what they think they deserve. We understand what they're going through, but we can not share their feelings, because we KNOW that Holy Spirit is aligning the Peace and Joy in our spirit with the corresponding circumstances. As a matter of fact, we KNOW that Holy Spirit is also very active aligning the desperation -the fear of not having- of the angry people with the proper circumstances, so they are staying in noisy and cold rooms, trying to sleep on hard beds with almost no blankets.
We just keep walking, gently asking some people to allow us to stay on any place to receive baby Jesus. When they tell us "no", we just keep walking as a growing sense of Peace in our Hearts clearly tells us that we are closer to our destiny. We turn to see each other's face and we both are wearing that wonderful smile, the smile of the one who KNOWS that he will never be abandoned. Finally, a fine gentleman takes us to the stable, and as soon as we enter, we feel the perfection of the place: warm, quiet, at peace... there is a stack of soft straw that provides comfort beyond words... the reflection of the oil lamp on the animals' eyes soothes our Souls even more and the warmth that these beautiful animals provide is just perfect. We deeply thank God for the Glory that we perceive all around us and then baby Jesus arrives.... the stable is then filled with the most exquisite Gold Light and we let our Spirits merge with it. It's the Kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth!....
The birth of JesusChrist is a map for Ascension. It shows the necessary steps: to let go of Ego, to Surrender and to have Faith beyond the material circumstances, to release any fear or desire from our mind or heart, and to make our Soul an "stable" full of Peace and Love. That is what the Christ Consciousness needs on our side to descend and to stay in our Souls, as baby Jesus did that Divine Night on Earth.

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