Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of Times

I know... I said this blog wouldn't discuss this, but I have to share something. If you look anywhere, more and more people, specially the ones involved in spiritual, paranormal or metaphysical themes talk about the possibility (or certainty) of something "big" happening soon. Here is my belief about this.
It will happen. Divine Source has a way to realign Its Creation, a sort of "reset" event that brings EVERYTHING back to perfect alignment with Divine Plan. The center of our Galaxy (actually of any Galaxy)emanates -on a very specific direction- a sort of "bundle" of Rays made out of the Highest possible Frequencies. I personally believe these Rays actually connect the Center of our Galaxy with the Center of this Universe, but that's off the record.
Our whole Solar System including our planet is now passing through this bundle right now, we started maybe 20 years ago and we are now entering the "core" of the bundle, so we may expect an increase of these Rays until a "peak" is reached around December 21, 2012. Now, this doesn't mean that THE EVENT will happen that day. This is like our yearly seasons, even though December 21 is the day when we have the shortest day and the less sun rays in the Northern Hemisphere, it's usually not the coldest day of the year, that happens later in the winter. Same thing with summertime, the longest day -with more sunshine- is June 21, but the hottest day, the effect, comes later.
The wondrous Energy contained in the Rays is made out of the purest Love frequency and its main expressions are Truth, Peace and Joy. It would appear that this is "good" for everyone to receive but it is not so. It depends on where your Heart resides. I like to compare this event with an acid rain falling on our souls. If my soul is made out of metal, it will hurt and it will have the potential to destroy me. In this case, we would say that the rain is a negative event, we could call it a curse or a punishment and move into a place of Fear. If my soul is made out of crystal, it will clean it and purify it. We may say then that is a positive event, call it a blessing and achieve a state of Peace and Joy. Divine Energy is not a blessing or a curse, it just IS and its impact on us will depend solely on the condition of our Soul. I'll continue later.

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